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Pitch :

Mad dolls is a frenetic and nervous 1vs1 game  developed by students from IIM (Paris). In this game you have a single goal : Kill the boss !  

Turn by turn, players will face the boss. The first player that kill him win the game.

Using the gold you earn, you will be able to buy new weapons or power-ups to deal more damages to the boss. Be careful ! When a player is fighting the boss, the other one can spend his gold to send you traps and take your place ! 

Gameplay :

One of the player is fighting the boss while the second one is waiting. By dealing damages to the boss, the player will receive golds. He'll be able to buy weapons and power-ups to deal more damages to the boss. During this time,  the second player can spend his gold to send traps and penalize his opponent in order to take his place ! 

Earn coins during the boss fight and buy overpowered weapons in the shop like the Akimbo, the Shotgun or the ChickenThrower !

Controls :

*Need 2 controllers for play* 

Use the left joystick to move and and the right one to shoot (like in The Binding of Isaac). 

The  controller's buttons (A, B, X and Y) allow you to buy weapons and bonus items at the shop.

Features :

  • A good versus game.
  • Insanely Addictive and Simple gameplay.
  • Full Xbox 360 controller support.
  • A large choice :  8 weapons, 5 penalizing items, 6 bonus items

Credits :

LeadGraphist : Léon Chen

Graphist & organisation : Benjamin Baptista

Lead Developeur : Pierrick Naczkowiak

Developeur : Léonard Jeannerot

Developeur : Victor Hamcha

Developeur : Nicolas Rogé

Lead Game designer & UI designer : Gaëtan Krol

Game designer : Kevin I

Game designer : Raphaël Ortolan

Sound Designer : Matthieu Blavage


Mad Dolls 32 MB

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